People Are Asking: How Much Does NoNo Cost?

With so much talk going around these days about the NoNo Hair Removal System, the natural question on everybody's mind is "How much does NoNo Cost?"  Well, at this very moment, Radiancy, the makers of the NoNo, are offering a 60-DAY FREE TRIAL so it actually costs nothing to try out.  They'll even pay the shipping and return costs if you're not satisfied.  If you are though, and I'll bet you will be, the NoNo is still much cheaper than the alternatives, and much more convenient. I should also say that if you're reading this and the free trial is still available I would encourage you take advantage of it while you still can as this is a limited offer and won't be around forever.

Affordable Laster Hair Removal

When the trial period is up, you can either send the unit back and pay nothing, or continue with the 3 monthly payments of $89.95.  There is a shipping and handling fee of about $15 if you live in the USA, but you're still paying less than you would pay for just one appointment to have a professional give you a laser treatment!

If you're looking for long term hair removal that you can do yourself, in your own home, for a low price, this is it!

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But How Much Does NoNo Cost, Ultimately?

The Thermicon tips that the NoNo uses to treat your hair do wear out, but they're definitely affordable.  For around $30, you get 3 fresh tips and a new buffer.  Each tip will typically last just over a month, but if you've read some of the No No Hair Removal Reviews which are out there, you know that the NoNo requires fewer and fewer applications if you're using it regularly.  Keep this in mind, because it means tips will last you much longer once it really starts working.

It's not entirely necessary, but if you're planning on using the NoNo on hard to reach, tiny areas, like between the eyebrows, the upper lip or parts of the bikini line, Radiancy offers a kit for using the unit on these areas.  It's about $50 extra, but you get 3 extra narrow thermicon tips, 2 small buffers, as well as a carrying case.  If you're unsure about shelling out some extra dough, you can always try the unit out on larger areas like your legs, and then buy the small areas kit if and when you're confident that the product works.

Beware Of Imitators, Imposters, and Outdated Units

There's a little bit of confusion going around the internet about the price and effectiveness of the NoNo.  For one thing, prior to releasing the current model, the NoNo 8800, Radiancy had another unit out, the NoNo Classic.  This unit wasn't as effective, and users were largely unsatisfied with its 50% hair removal, and the fact that you can't use it on your face.  The 8800 takes care of both of these problems by being SAFE FOR USE ANYWHERE, with 80% OF THE HAIR ELIMINATED!  Unfortunately, many of the No No Hair Removal Reviews that you can find online confuse the two units, so you end up with bad reviews of the old unit on pages about the new one.

To add to the confusion, there has been a wave of knock-offs and fakes.  The NoNo is a great product, and other, less scrupulous companies are offering devices that may look similar and offer the same results, but are actually dangerous.  People have actually been burnt buying fake No No 8800 kits on eBay!  It's pretty easy to avoid this, though, just by getting your No No from the right place.

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Where To Get The Best Deal

The absolute best place to buy the NoNo is from the official website.  It's the easiest way to make sure you're getting a real NoNo, and also make sure it's the most current one available.  It's also the only way you'll be able to get the 60 day, completely free trial

The last time they offered a deal like this was in 2010, when they first released the product, so I recommend acting before the offer ends!

I hope this clears up any confusion anyone out there may have about how much does NoNo cost, and where to get one.  It's definitely an affordable product, and well worth it for my money, but it you're unsure, the 60-DAY FREE TRIAL means it will cost you nothing but a small amount of your time to see if it works.


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