What Most Tria Laser Hair Removal Reviews Don’t Tell You

This Is A Guest Post By Alex Maltais

I never thought I'd ever be writing this post as when I first tried the Tria Laser Hair Removal system, I definitely had my doubts.

Of course, I had read other Tria Laser Hair Removal reviews such as Carlos Suarez's very clear and detailed Tria laser review which convinced me to at least try the product. But I'm skeptical by nature, and a home laser which actually does the business and gives you permanent hair removal seemed a little bit too good to be true. You know what they say…

However, I was also desperate to try anything that could save me from the tedious tasks of shaving and plucking my hair. I come from an Italian family, and we all have an abundance of body hair in general.

Like any woman, I want to look my best and any extra hair in places where it doesn't need to be is simply embarrassing. In the Fall time especially, I would spend hours in the bathroom keeping my legs and armpits shaved, and plucking my eyebrows and other facial hair.

I tried waxing, but it was far too painful and my skin was red and irritated for a whole day afterwards. Some friends even suggested various hair removal creams, like variations of Nair, but my skin had even worse reactions to those creams than it did to waxing! I simply do not trust the chemicals that are used in those hair removal creams as being safe for my body.

But Then I Made A Discovery…

One day a friend showed me her Tria laser hair removal kit and I was amazed at the results she was getting.

Her legs were silky soft, with no trace of hair, and she insisted the process wasn't painful for her at all.

I wondered: "how safe is this Tria laser?"

Intrigued, I did some research of my own, and was surprised at what I discovered. Not only has the Tria laser been approved by the FDA, but it also received the Beauty Breakthrough Award from Allure magazine.

The Tria has even been featured in a very positive light in Oprah's May 2010 magazine as well as on one of my favorite t.v. shows, Rachael Ray!

When I found out that results are guaranteed by the Tria company for up to 90 days and if you're not happy within that time frame you get a full refund, I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Right from the beginning I was shocked with how effective the Tria acutally was. The best thing I discovered right away was how easy the Tria hair removal system is to use. Within a few seconds I was able to do a quick test with it to confirm that my skin tone was indeed within the necessary range required to benefit from the Tria. (It is true that if you have a very dark skin tone or gray, blond, or red hair, the Tria laser will most likely not work for you.) After reading the simple guide in a few minutes, I was ready to go and had no problems using it.

My Friends Often Ask: What's So Great About The Tria?

I read a lot of other Tria laser hair removal reviews before I bought my own, and I was surprised at how much better this system was than what I had expected.

First of all, the Tria has an adjustable laser strength setting, so I can lower the intensity of the beam when I'm working on more sensitive skin areas. It was such a relief to me to be able to easily control the laser's strength, and I also found that after some time I got more used to the sensations of treating myself, and plucking my each of hairs out individually was definitely more painful than the Tria, so this was no big deal for me at all.

Next, the small Tria lets you know exactly when you are done with each area you are working on by giving you a low beep. That was another relief for me, as it automatically provides another level of safety since you don't have to worry about if you're over-doing any areas of your skin.

The fact that my Tria is cordless is also exceptionally useful, helping me to reach difficult areas easily. It also allows me to use the Tria anywhere, so sometimes I just lounge on my sofa while working on my legs to stay comfortable.

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Another Common Question Is, How Long Does It Take To Treat Yourself?

Treating small areas, like either my underarm areas or my bikini line only takes 15 minutes, which is no problem since I only had to use the Tria every other week for the first three months. The legs take longer, so don't expect to get both of your legs treated in less than half an hour; however, the extra time you put into treating yourself definitely pays off in the long run. Personally I spent one hour on each leg, but not everyone may need that much time.

In other Tria laser hair removal reviews online I had discovered that while most people do experience permanent hair removal in less than a year, not everyone will have the same results. The 90 day money back guarantee is what kept me motivated to keep working on my treatments regularly, and I was so excited when I began to notice my first real results after eight uses.

tria laser hair removal reviews

The Treatment Schedule Is Simple:

Within the first three months, use the Tria every other week or at least once a month. In the next two months, you'll only need to treat yourself once a month. Truly, after five months I'm basically hairless on my legs and so grateful for having found the Tris system. I have noticed on other Tria laser hair removal reviews that some people with extreme amounts of coarse hair may have to continue their treatments for up to 10 months, but that's nothing considering that for the rest of your life you can be hair-free! My friends and I saw within the first two months that our hair was already growing back significantly thinner and was less noticeable.

Tria Laser Hair Removal Reviews: My Verdict

Overall, I have been delighted to experience for myself how safe and completely painless the Tria system has been to use, and these are the top reasons why I have recommended it to all of my friends. I'm just surprised that more people haven't heard any Tria laser hair removal reviews. Anyone who has ever tried expensive clinical laser hair removal treatments wouldn't even think twice about buying a Tria, considering the incredible amount of money you save by doing it yourself at home. At $449 on Tria's website, it's not exactly pocket change but it's a darn sight cheaper than regular salon based hair removal treatments. With the special half price easy pay payment plan option, you can begin using the Tria for under $200 and the remainding balance can be made up with small, affordable payments. Ultimately, in the long run the Tria pays for itself. Anyone who's interested should definitely try it, because the only thing you have to lose is your hair!

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  1.   what can i say? i and my sister both used it and its works great! you have to do it for a little while because it takes time to work but then ur hair really does go away, first a little bit then it gets thinner and doesn’t come back!  

  2.   I did a lot of research before I bought this and chose Tria over the Silkn unit because I wanted to do some parts of my face and bikini line. Works as advertised and its easy to get into tough spots so A+++  

  3.   It seems pretty complicated. I mean u make it sound so easy but its a frickin laser! Howh ard is it really to use?  

  4.   Okay I want this. You say it’s like shaving but how long does it take? Also like shaving?  

    • avatar Alex Maltais says:

      Per treatment, you’ll spend significantly longer than just shaving.  I spent about an hour per leg each time I did it.  However, in the long run, it will save you a ton of time.  Once you’re done with the treatments, the hair NEVER EVER COMES BACK!  

  5.   Does the Tria give good results? I don’t want to end up all patchy and stupid looking.  

    • avatar Alex Maltais says:

      LOL!  As long as you take your time and do it right, it should get rid of all your hair in a uniform and even way!

  6.   Garbage, absolute garbage. I tried it for a month, followed the directions… didn’t work. Its really too hard to work they say its like shaving but the laser is so small its more like shaving with a dolls razor that doesnt work because its just a lazer!!!  

  7. avatar baby strigel says:

      For me it took about 7 months total to get the results I wanted but it’s been almost half a year since then and there isn’t ANY hair coming back. Honestly I thought it would come back as soon asthe guarentee wore off ahaha!  

  8.   has ne1 really tried this?  

    • avatar Alex Maltais says:

      You mean, besides me?  Kim Kardashian has tried it, too, as have millions of other satisfied customers!  

  9.   Long time waxer here, I wish I had known about Tria much sooner, it would have saved me a lot of pain and time and money! I guess the salon isn’t going to be too happy aobut this but I sure am 😀 😀 😀  

  10.   Just wanted to post and say thank you. I bought it to use on my legs, underarms and a little bit on my face and it worked fine on all three fronts! The unit is holding up well and I’m tempted to use it on my arms even tho there not very hairy LOL  

  11. avatar trasher boy says:

      I’m a man and I used this to get rid of my belly hair and I’ll say that this product works even if you’re worried your hair is too thick. It actually took me longer than everyone else, almost 9 months but I look so much better and feel better too!  

  12.   I’ve been looking for something that is cheaper than professional laser hair removal treatments, and this looks right up my alley but is it really the same?  

    • avatar Alex Maltais says:

      If you’re asking if it removes your hair forever, then yes, it is the same.  It is, however, much, much cheaper, and you don’t have to go to a clinic or salon to do it!  

  13.   Another satisfied customer, thanks a lot!  

  14. avatar Rowena J. says:

      used this on my upper lip… actually workd fine, no pain just a little snap like a rubber bang i guess… and no hair now too LOL. will use on my legs next but it will take longer i know but worth it if the same results (no hair!)  

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